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We represent over 1000 families of Indian Sub-continent origin living in Western New York and Niagara Frontier region. The association was formed over 35 years ago to promote  culture from Indian Sub-continent to our future generations and the local community.

The Association

  1. The Association shall be a not-for-profit organization and also, non-political in nature and shall remain so for its entire life.

  2. The Association shall organize and promote programs aimed at giving adequate expression of all facets of cultural, philosophical, religious, and spiritual traditions of India, for the common good of the membership and the community.

  3. The programs may take several forms such as:

    1. Organizing cultural programs, movies, religious discourses, etc.

    2. Conducting classes in languages of India for our American born children, as well as English classes where necessary to facilitate adjustment of new immigrants from India.

    3. Providing or administering any scholarships and student loans to students arriving for the first time from India only if the budget of this organization permits.

    4. Promoting growth progress that will benefit the membership and the community.

    5. Sponsor joint meetings with Kindred Associations in the area to fulfill common objectives.

    6. Arriving at establishing a center for the benefit of the community.


  1. Membership shall be open to all who believe in the objectives of this Association and who agree to abide by its constitution and by-laws.

  2. The Association membership is purely voluntary; hence no member have the right to sue the Association or its Board of Directors in a Court of Law.

  3. Membership Categories are:

    • Single / Student: $10 Per year

    • Family Membership - $50 Per Year

    • Single Patron - $80 Per Year

    • Family Patron - $160 Per Year

    • Business Patron - $300 Per Year

  4. Membership Benefits are:

    • India's Republic Day and Independence Day Functions – The functions are free for the entire community but to participate in a cultural program or present a cultural program you must be a member of the association.

    • Annual Family Picnic - Only for members and their family with reasonable cost

    • Indoor Sports Tournament  – Only for members and their family.

    • Music Shows – Members get a discount and Patrons get significant discounts

    • Annual Dinner and Dance - Only for Members (Members have to buy Tickets)

    • Benefits of Patron Membership – Patrons get free tickets to Annual Dinner and discount on Golf Outing fee, Annual Family Picnic and Music Show tickets. Single Patrons get 1 free ticket, Family Patrons get 2 free tickets and Business Patrons get 4 free tickets for the Annual Dinner.

Board of Directors

The Association has an elected governing body called BOARD OF DIRECTORS consisting of twenty-one or fewer members. The Board of Directors are elected by the membership in General Body meeting held in October / November each year. The Board of Directors in turn elects a 7 member Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary for Cultural & Youth Activities, Secretary for Membership & Fund Raising, Secretary for Public Relations & Treasurer. The property affairs and business of the Association are managed and controlled, and all of the Association’s power is exercised by or under the authority of its BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The By Laws was amended by the General Body in its 2006 meeting to change the membership and financial year to coincide with the calendar year: The membership and Financial year henceforth will span from 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. of the calendar year.

Please read our Constitution and By Laws for more details.

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